Breakfast and brunch

Signature brunch

Our unique brunch plate creations will appeal to both your sweet and savory cravings. These gourmet brunch dishes have become the favourites over time.

Eggs benedict

Our Eggs Benedict feature a harmonious mix of perfectly poached eggs, soft English muffins, and a rich hollandaise sauce. Indulge in our reinterpreted versions of Eggs Benedict at Allô mon Coco.


Our breakfast casseroles feature a medley of your favourite ingredients, served atop our signature potatoes, generously topped with melted cheese and a perfectly cooked egg.


A variety of hearty five-egg omelets, from the traditional Three Cheese to the distinguished Grilled Vegetables. Always served with our famous potatoes.

French toasts

Exquisite French toasts made from generous slices of egg bread, served with a variety of fruits and sweet toppings.


Light and crispy homemade waffles served with a variety of fruits and decadent sweet toppings.

Coco waffles

Decadent brunch plates including a half-waffle served with two eggs, thick slices of bacon, and our famous Allô mon coco potatoes.

Crêpes and pancakes

Thin crepes or fluffy pancakes, the choice is yours. Served with a variety of sweet or savory toppings.


Our famous Grilled Cheese are unique Allô mon Coco creations. Made with our egg bread, they are filled with melted cheese and grilled to perfection.

Wraps and sandwiches

Artisan wraps and sandwiches prepared with fresh and flavorful ingredients. Bagel, English muffin, tortilla, croissant, the choice is yours.

Light breakfasts

Our selection of healthy and flavorful choices to kickstart your day. Poached eggs, fresh fruits, avocado toast, for an energizing breakfast option.


Our traditional breakfast plates with eggs and meats of your choice. Always served with our famous Allô mon coco potatoes.

Kid's menu

The perfect brunch for your little ones! At Allô mon Coco, the whole family is welcome. A variety of breakfast dishes that will please the kids.


Discover the potatoes that make Allô mon Coco's reputation!



Unique variety of mimosas, the perfect combination of fresh juice and sparkling wine to brighten up your brunch. From the classic to our unique lavender mimosa, they are perfect for your festive brunches.

Coffee and tea

Our selection of hot beverages and specialty coffees, including our delicious matcha latte cappuccino.

Coffee Cocktails

Discover our exquisite selection of alcoholic coffees, drinks that marry the robust intensity of coffee with the intoxicating subtlety of spirits.


Our smoothies are made with fresh fruit and creamy vanilla yogurt, offering a delicious blend of fruity flavours.


Prepared with a generous portion of real ice cream, our milkshakes are the perfect match for your indulgent brunches.

Bubble sodas

A flavour burst for brunch! Our Bubble sodas are made with fresh juice, sparkling water, and fruit pearls.