Unique variety of mimosas, the perfect combination of fresh juice and sparkling wine to brighten up your brunch. From the classic to our unique lavender mimosa, they are perfect for your festive brunches.

Breakfast and Brunch


All our mimosas can be made with non-alcoholic sparkling wine


Sparkling wine, orange juice


Sparkling wine, cranberry juice, fruity and spicy red syrup

Lemon Coco

Sparkling wine, lemonade, coconut syrup


Sparkling wine, pineapple juice, grenadine syrup


Sparkling rosé wine, watermelon juice

Rose Lemonade

Sparkling wine, lemonade, strawberry and rose syrup


Sparkling wine, peach schnapps, peach juice, peach syrup

Bubbly Lavender

Sparkling rosé wine, white cranberry juice, lavender syrup

Mimosas to share

Sparkling wine bottle (regular or non-alcoholic sparkling wine)
Includes a choice of juice (Orange, Lemonade or Cranberry)

Despite all the precautions taken by our staff, we cannot guarantee the absence of cross-contamination (during the handling of your food), including the allergens named on the Health Canada website and any gluten designation.