Light breakfasts

Our selection of healthy and flavorful choices to kickstart your day. Poached eggs, fresh fruits, avocado toast, for an energizing breakfast option.

Breakfast and Brunch


Fresh Fruit Plate

With vanilla yogurt or cottage cheese or English cream

Acai Smoothie Bowl

Almond milk, bananas, wildberries, muesli, chia seeds

Poached Eggs & Company

2 poached eggs with a choice of Greek yogurt or cottage cheese, fresh fruit and toast

Greek Yogurt Cup

Topped with fresh fruit, muesli, honey, chia seeds and served with 2 poached eggs and toast

Avocado Toast

2 poached eggs served on rye bread with avocado, tomato and onion spread, arugula and balsamic glaze

Atlantic Bagel

Montreal sesame bagel, smoked salmon, red onions, tomatoes, capers, cream cheese

Despite all the precautions taken by our staff, we cannot guarantee the absence of cross-contamination (during the handling of your food), including the allergens named on the Health Canada website and any gluten designation.